The Application is Complete!

Finally, after much debate and information collecting- the applications are complete.  Because we intend to use an agency that does not have offices in our state, we needed to fill out a separate application for the home study process. Not a big deal, just a bit more time invested in getting things ready. Now we just mail them in and wait. This is do-able.


On the main intake application, we were asked about our “Motivation to Adopt and Child Desired.” I found the question a little difficult to answer because we know that God has already picked the child out for us, and we don’t really care to presuppose what that child should be like.


We feel certain that we have been called to adopt a boy from Thailand. The desire to adopt has been on our hearts as early as we began considering starting a family. We would love to begin a family in which we can love, support, teach and form our child’s life. Our child will be taught about our belief system and morality, their culture and ours.

We do not know what our child will be like and it is difficult to say that we would prefer they be “a certain type.” We would love it if they enjoyed learning, if they enjoyed travel and new experiences, but we realize that in time they will be their own person with their own tastes and preferences and we expect to treat them as an individual and to provide them with exceptional love and care notwithstanding whether they share our enjoyment of particular pastimes and modes of learning. We only know that we have been urged to adopt from Thailand, that they will be male and between the ages of 3 and 5, and that we will love the heck out of them, regardless of any aspect of their own personality or behavior.


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