A comfort

This blog, Bringin’ Home Baby Sister, has given me great hope today.  I was beginning to wonder where the other Thai adoptive families were and why I couldn’t find their blogs, when I stumbled upon this gem.

The lovely author, Jenn, and her husband seem to have brought home their little girl, age 4, this past June after about two years of waiting, start to finish.  As I devoured her posts, it became clear that she shares so many of our sentiments and frustrations, and that they finished the paperwork phase of their process in roughly the same amount of time that we did.

Now, obviously, this doesn’t really mean ANYTHING to what our wait time will be, but, still, to see that they have been down this road before us and the Lord moved things swiftly along for them…. I felt a swelling of hope in my chest.

All in Your timing. Not my will but Your will.


It’s still tough.


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