Potentially Big News

Jason and I received a child reference from our agency, and we are in the process of submitting our letter of intent.

What does this mean?

It means that this little boy may very well be the son that we have been praying and hoping and waiting for! This is potentially BIG news.

Providentially, the Thai Red Cross sent information for a child that they are actively seeking a family for to the woman directing the Thai program at our agency and thankfully, she thought of us and asked us if we would be interested. She explained that she felt we would be a good match and that she, personally, thought he was very cute. So, remembering our decision that we would accept the first referral we received, we told her we would be interested in seeing his information and would let her know our decision. We are now moving forward praying fervently that if this is our son, he will come home fast, and that if not, the door would be slammed shut just as quickly.

Fortunately, if this IS indeed our son, he is more adorable and healthy than we could have hoped and seems like we would be well suited to provide for his needs. The hesitation that I felt at the beginning while perusing the profiles of other waiting children is not present in this choice. This time, since the only thing that can stop us from bringing this boy home is God closing the door, I am allowing myself to be hopeful and excited, and Jason is (more carefully 🙂 ) allowing himself to do the same.

THIS COULD BE OUR JAMES. THIS COULD BE the little guy that we get to love and care for and teach and show the love of Christ, and, if he is, we can’t meet him soon enough.

If you would echo our prayer, that things would move quickly or fall flat quickly depending on whether we are acting within God’s will, we would be extremely grateful.

Thank you all for your prayer, encouragement, wisdom and excitement. You’re awesome and I’m sure we can’t express properly how thankful we are for you.


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