It’s February 28th Somewhere

Whereas it is a bit after 9 in California, it is half past noon on the 28th in Thailand right now, and as you know, the 28th (our tomorrow and their today) is the day that the TRC board intends to convene to handle adoption related business. If all goes(went??) according to plan, they will hear our petition read once more, this time accompanied by several letters written by family and friends.  This is the yes or no on the little boy we have been praying for for these past few months.

Though it may take days or weeks to hear what decision they make(made??), it is strange to think that the outcome will already have been decided, and that perhaps, this child will know even before we do. While it is strange to think that something so important can be decided and still be altogether unknown by you, it is almost impossible to fathom how God has known the outcome since the foundation of the world. The process of waiting and hoping and praying so far has led Jason and I through what feels like a crash course in James chapter 1. Thinking back on our prayer requests, I realize we have asked not only for the well being of this boy but also for patience in the waiting, endurance for the process, wisdom to know what to do when, trust in God’s goodness and providence, humility, strength against the temptation to choose an easier route,  the ability to be good spouses to eachother in the stress and waiting, continued growth in our faith and understanding of Christ, and that we would be doers and not just sayers. Pretty spot on for James 1, right?

No matter the outcome, the time of waiting has been a strengthening time, just as other trials in recent years have proved to be.  No matter the outcome, we are thankful and grateful for the prayers, words of encouragement and shared excitement of family and friends. No matter the outcome, this kiddo has been prayed for and loved so much already and I truly believe that God has something special in mind for this little guy.

I’m really excited for whatever comes next.


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