Hurry Up and Wait

Yesterday, my godmother mentioned that she checks in to our blog frequently to see if she has missed out on any new information. So, this entry is for her, and you, and anyone else who might want to know if anything new is in the works.


I would highly recommend reading this entry, by our friend Ashley, whose family has met their son but is now waiting back in the states to return to Ghana to bring him home. Their process is a bit different from ours, BUT they are in the same period of waaaaiting and she has a very similar outlook on the waiting. So, rather than write out a very similar explanation of how the waiting feels for us, you can read hers and see cute baby pictures, also(definitely a plus).

Now, as far as Jason and I go, we have been filling our time with the normal day to day things, but also have been slowly accomplishing tasks that make our son’s homecoming seem all the more real. We started an Amazon list to keep track of all of the things we don’t have but that are necessary for raising a boy. Our dear sisters-in-law(and mothers) have started working on a *child* shower that will take place near the end of May. We mailed over a package to our son, that contains a family photo album, a cute shirt and hat, a hand decorated shirt that matches shirts Jason and I also have, and a thank you note to the woman that presented our family to the Thai board. We have also made a payment (aack) and submitted a list of questions about our son that will hopefully be answered and enable us to better prepare for him.

The package
The package

Those are all of the *works* things. The faith things have included relying far more heavily on God for wisdom and patience, spending more time in the Word and praying for the little guy whenever we think about it: which is pretty much all of the time. There have been some really difficult situations that we and our family have been faced with in the last month or so, but we are trying to keep our eyes on the blessings and trying to be as thankful in the waiting for all of these things to be resolved as we can.

One of the pictures from his album. He will see us holding his photo and wearing shirts that match the one he received!
One of the pictures from his album. He will see us holding his photo and wearing shirts that match the one he received!

2 thoughts on “Hurry Up and Wait

  1. Delana April 17, 2013 / 14:05

    May your season of waiting – — only be as long as it needs to be! He will definitely be worth the wait –

    When you do bring him home, be prepared! It can take a year for every year a child is old for him/her to fully unlearn past behavior and learn the new…and fully adjust, bond, attach to new family and culture.


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