Encouragement in the Waiting: Videos, Photos and a Drawing

"Eeeeek!" said Danielle.
“Eeeeek!” said Danielle.

I didn’t mean to get you too excited about the “videos and photos” part. Sorry, still can’t post anything online.  BUT I can *tell* you about the videos and the photos and we can totally show you the drawing he sent to us.

So, before I jump ahead, the reason we have these wonderful new glimpses into the life of the person who is our son is because of a generous couple that previously adopted from Thailand. They returned over the summer to the TRC (with their own, now 18 year old, daughter from the TRC) and offered to take photos and video of the children waiting on being united with their family. We are so incredibly grateful to them, and will be expressing that in no small way when we send them a thank you card. The blessing of receiving these things….. I just can’t describe. Jason and I look forward to being able to someday do this for other families.

So, there were around 30 photos and 4 videos on the disk we received. He is wearing the shirts we sent(they fit fairly well, that makes him a 4/5), flipping through the album(it looks like he has already thrashed it, the cover is gone – sorry Tucker parents – and after watching the way he was wrenching those pages, it’s not a shocker), looking closely at the picture of us wearing matching shirts, talking about how he wants a cat and pointing at the picture of Dresden, and being a wonderfully wiggly child. He sang a couple of songs including the Thai alphabet(that alphabet goes on for daaaays, my goodness) and a mother’s day song, recited his numbers and drew diligently as the camera rolled on. He flashed a winning smile as he tried to coax the gentlemen to let him hold the camera.

Numbers and his name and the universal smiley sun
Numbers and his name and the universal smiley sun

In the video and one of the photos, he makes the “I love you” sign and smiles into the camera. When I first saw that photo I just started to bawl(rumor has it Jason did, too, but don’t tell him I told you). It was so much of what we had been praying about(shy of him actually being here): seeing his smile, hearing his voice, wondering how he felt about the prospect of me and Jason being his parents, wondering if the shirts fit and if he actually looked through the album. Learning that he likes cats, likes to sing, enjoys the show Ben 10(??), gets along well with other kids, enjoys school and excels…… that is all icing on the cake.

Today was such a blessing. God’s timing can be hard but it is always good.


3 thoughts on “Encouragement in the Waiting: Videos, Photos and a Drawing

  1. Aaren Tucker September 14, 2013 / 01:10

    You can watch Ben 10 on Netflix!

    • camorlinga September 16, 2013 / 05:02

      Good to know! Have you watched it?

      • Aaren Tucker September 26, 2013 / 21:34

        I have not, but I’ve seen it on there when I’m browsing.

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