Another Reason the Video was Awesome

There is one thing lately that has become very apparent about the adoption process; if viewed from a particular angle, it makes you desperate for heaven. ‘Desperate’ in the “on your knees, begging that today would be the day that Christ returns” sense of the word. It’s been two years for us of planning and dreaming and praying and waiting and joy and sadness and doing well and failing, and in the last few weeks, I think I’ve finally started to see things with a better perspective.

How could this adoption story not remind us of our own adoptions through Christ, by which those of us who trust in Him have been saved from the punishment we know we deserve? Out of so much brokenness, He is redeeming the situation and knitting us together with someone we haven’t physically met.

When we received the video of James, a realization brought me great excitement. I had been dreaming about what he might sound like, how he might walk, what makes him smile, and so on. I had read his paperwork and seen photos, but it isn’t quite the same, right? Hearing him and seeing him was so much better than I could have expected. It was incredible. How much more incredible will it be to touch him and talk to him and look into his eyes?

And how much more so with Jesus?

How much more incredible will that be? We read His word and talk to Him and receive leading from the Spirit; how much more to actually touch Him and walk with Him and see Him with our own eyes? I can’t really begin to fathom it, but seeing the connection in essence of waiting to meet our son and waiting to meet our Savior has made me desperate to know.  I love this renewed and expanded excitement. I’m thankful for the ways adoption has drawn us closer to God, through prayer and community and so on, but I’m also thankful for the ways that adoption provides clear parallels to our relationship with God.


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