Expiring Paperwork and other Expected Hair-pullers

We were reminded (read:learned) last week that our US immigration paperwork expires on December 27th. This is a typical issue for families with long wait times and means that we must have our homestudy renewed. Homestudy renewal entails putting down a chunk of change (naturally, right?), being live scan fingerprinted again, showing proof of employment and finances again, enduring the frustrating process that is medical paperwork again(yay! another TB test!), sitting down with our social worker again, and signing several other pieces of paperwork that reaffirm we are who we say we are, still, even a whole year later.

In SOMEWHAT related news, we are praying that we will be able to pick up James in November and blow off all of these deja vu dealings. Jason spoke to a woman today who has a ministry over in Thailand and has been struggling to gain approval to adopt an orphaned girl that she met during her stay. She recounted that she knew the girl’s parents, they passed away, she expressed desire to adopt the girl and was told that since no paperwork exists for the child, she is not adoptable. How broken is this world?

Dear family and friends of prayer, would you pray with us that God would move these mountains if it is His will, both in our case and this orphaned girl’s case? If it is not His will, would you pray that we can shake some of the frustration that comes along with this sort of news? Would you ask Him to empower the other woman to care for this little girl, red tape be damned?


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