He’s worth it, he’s worth it, he’s worth it.

Do you like our (not-at-all-related-to-Hinduism) mantra?

This past week involved rushing to take care of the immigration update necessities. We’ve

-made appointments for medical evaluations (blood draws, urine tests, TB tests)

-resubmitted Live Scans (fingerprinting and $$)

-filled out home study update forms- our former home study agency went out of business (awesome!) so we have to resubmit items in addition to the items that we would have already had to resubmit (employment verifications, discipline agreement, financial report, etc)

-received word that the official “child match” document from the TRC has been mailed to us to fill out and make James our matched son “officially” on paper. This is not the thing we have been waiting for to travel to pick him up, but it is actually just an additional thing that we need to fill out that we didn’t remember we were still waiting on. This doesn’t affect the waiting in any way, but I wonder if it might be an indicator that we are nearing the front of the line.

Mmmm, typhoid-y
Mmmm, typhoid-y

Additionally, I finally went to have vaccinations for travel (Jason finished his months ago) a couple of days ago. Tetanus and Hep A required shots, but thank goodness Typhoid is in pill form. I passed out after the shots and spent too much of the morning at Kaiser, all the while reminding myself that at least I’m really professional at something(so what if it’s passing out?), James is worth it, and I’m far from alone.

November 3rd is Grace Ev Free’s Defending the Fatherless Sunday, so we are excited to see how that day might stir the hearts of others toward orphan care. We would like it if you’d join us that morning!


2 thoughts on “He’s worth it, he’s worth it, he’s worth it.

  1. Erika Gill October 18, 2013 / 02:29

    Haha this is so cute. I didn’t know you’re a fainter! I get the same kind of episodes when I hurt myself (sprains, when im winded, illnesses). It’s the worst!

    • camorlinga October 18, 2013 / 03:02

      Oh man!! I’m thankful it has only totally happened when people were jabbing me with needles… Working out must be a dangerous game for you! /comfort

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