There is a українська мова in our midst!

Now I know why adoptive families usually stop posting once the child comes home. And, all you mothers and fathers out there, our respect for you has increased in a massive way, especially since we realize how mellow this little guy is compared to most kids… plus there is only one of him.

In case you haven’t been keeping up on Facebook, or would like to hear the story so far, I will write it briefly here. (The posts about how he came to be with us are here and here)

When we first met him at the airport, we brought along some snacks, a decorated sign and a stuffed kangaroo. Our excitement was perfectly contrasted by his utter displeasure, and though he snatched the kangaroo from Jason and clutched it until we left, he didn’t want anything to do with us. He was exhausted, had thrown up and had an accident on the plane, hadn’t eaten, was confused and half asleep, and insert here whatever other things must have been going on in the mind of a shy, scared little boy.


As soon as we had been given instructions for medication and some encouragement that eventually he would warm up, we took his hands and walked out of the terminal to the car. The minute we left the terminal he changed. He was giving smiles and pushing elevator buttons when prompted and excitedly let us buckle him into his carseat. I have mentioned to a few of you that when we put the brand new, shiny carseat into the car I lamented the fact that it would soon be dirty with boy filth, but little did I know it would make pee contact on its maiden voyage.

He passed out in the car, and stayed asleep until we had to wake him for medicine that night.

Fortunately, I have a lovely cousin named Tanya in South Dakota who is also Ukrainian, and she used Face Time to help us explain to him where things are in the house, that we were nice enough people, and that he had to take his medicine. He was hardly awake and was barely interacting with her ( and us for that matter) until…

He saw the cat.

Oh, the cats. The cats have been an incredible blessing. He loves to pet them gently, bring them food, help them drink water, give them treats, and gaze longingly out the window at them. I’m sure you can guess what his first english word was. Since then, he has acquired an impressive collection of words, but cat remains at the top.

Since his arrival, he has come out of his shell already in a big way, unless there are other people around. When another person tries to talk to him, he will do just about anything to avoid them, but when it is just us at home or just us together in a public place, he talks and smiles and is his wonderful self. We are hoping that spending time with Jason’s family in the coming week at their house will help him to open up a bit around other folks. It is easy to forget he has only been her for two and a half days!

photo 1

We are SO thankful for your prayers and your support. He looks adorable in the donated/loaned clothing and we have definitely been encouraged by your enthusiasm. I can’t believe he will be going home in less than a month, but perhaps his forever family is among us…

photo 1
photo 4


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