Long Story Short

We are beginning paperwork for a Ukrainian adoption as we prepare to pick up James.

The timing is not ideal, but with the U.S. imposing stateside Hague restrictions on Ukraine this summer, and with a deadline heavily influenced by the potential availability of a certain child, we had to decide to begin the process now or to be at peace with not pursuing it at all. We were not at peace.

It seems our winter hosting experience was so much more than we had anticipated, and we are prayerfully (and let’s be honest, somewhat fearfully) trusting that as would-be roadblock after should-be roadblock is removed from our path we are being called to something more. It seems that the stretching and waiting and dependence-on-Christ-building that we have experienced in the last three years is not yet over and that repeatedly saying “nope, never again international” didn’t actually amount to much.

Ukraine’s adoption process is so very different from Thailand’s, and it is a little surreal to even be talking about this while we look ahead to April with GREAT anticipation, so we are still figuring out what information we can share and what we can’t, which is why this is password protected. Long story short- there’s still a lot of story ahead.

Thank you for your faithful prayer, encouragement, support and love. We cannot wait to meet James and for him to meet you, and now we cannot wait to see what the next leg of our family’s journey will look like. Thanks for being a part of it.


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