The small bed is back in our room, made up, and ready for James (thank you Wrights!). His room is ready for him, but starting out in our room worked so well with V that we will give it a try again.

I love looking at this bed. It is a reminder of the love of our community and family. Everything on it and about it has a story, and it is wonderful. I also feel very heavy when I look at the bed. V is on the other side of the world, instead of in it as he was only a few short months ago, and the time can’t come soon enough before that is righted. One step at a time.

The nerves have set in today, but some serious love has, too.

If you haven’t already sent over your email address (if you’re interested in the airport meet up on the 27th) please do! It should be a great opportunity to get to meet James and celebrate this long wait’s end. He will know right away that he is greatly loved and valued, and that is awesome.

Thank you for your prayers. God is faithful to answer.


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