Thailand! Days 1 & 2

We are in the same city as our boy!! Craziness! Here is a post to catch you up, share some highlights, and maybe help out future traveling parents/visitors.

Day 1

We hopped on an Asiana flight from LAX to Korea and a Thai flight to Bangkok. Both airlines were punctual, fairly roomy and provided surprisingly good food and entertainment. On the first flight, we were in the air for 13 hours and were fed two full meals, there were free drinks constantly being brought up and down the aisles, and the movie selection was broad. The seats each have their own screen and full control of the playback. At the Korean airport (everything puts LAX to shame), there were free showers (we took full advantage of them and it was awesome) and very comfortable seating. The Thai flight was punctual and had the same amenities, meal and drink service as the Asiana flight. We were only in the air for 5.5 hours that time.

Day 2
The Bangkok airport is large and bustling, and we were anticipating that baggage might be lost, but instead it was already waiting for us in the baggage claim as we walked up. Surprisingly fast.

We had already made a reservation for our first night at the Best Western Amaranth hotel (not far from the airport and offers free shuttle service), so we located the hotels rep near the taxis and buses and were carted off to the hotel within minutes.

The drive gave us a taste of what we are in for. Golden bodhisattvas, large images of the King and ornate golden decorations on street lights and in the medians of roads. We saw golden Pegasus and elephants and horses. Food vendors lined the road, people on small motor bikes weaved in and out of traffic, and we excitedly pointed at a million places we won’t have time to explore. At one point, I asked Jason if what we were seeing reminded him more of China or Mexico, and he was quick to say “Mexico.”

The Best Western Amaranth is clean and modern. We slept for 12 solid hours before packing up and heading over to the next hotel, where we will stay until the 20th.

At some point during the flight, this all began to feel very real. We get to meet James in 5 days. 5. Thank you for your prayers, the travel was painless.


One thought on “Thailand! Days 1 & 2

  1. Lynn Corbin April 13, 2014 / 04:41

    I’m so glad to hear your flights went well! Counting down the days with you. 😉

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