Thailand: Day 3

Helloooo from the fuuuture!

We visited the MBK mall on our third day to pick up a cell phone and scope out the shopping situation. We traveled using the Skytrain, which is something we definitely recommend for transportation. It is cheap, clean, fast and will take you where you need to go.

The MBK mall is 7 stories and PACKED with stalls and stores. There is food and handmade goods, as well as some commercial options. We had our first Thai Iced Tea in one of the food courts and needless to say, it was amazing. We also ate our first legit Thai meal, and the phrase “from here on out, question every fart’s motive” became our motto.

After purchasing the cell phone, we realized it was Saturday (we definitely thought it was Friday) and hurried back to the Skytrain to ride up to a massive outdoor marketplace(that is biggest on the weekend). It was full of cheap, barter-able items, so we will be returning with James to pick up clothing for him!

After returning to the hotel and showering away the disgusting sweatiness (have I mentioned yet that Bangkok is located on the sun?), we ventured back out in the evening to find a night market. Instead, we wound up accidentally finding an alley in the red light district (it was a dark, unsettling, sad place) and then finding ourselves smack dab in the middle of the opposition’s political rally. As soon as our brains connected the dots – no white people, everyone is cheering on a man giving a rallying speech, and they are checking bags for weapons – we left in a hurry, and never found the night market. Perhaps another night!

We are really enjoying James’ home. It will be a pleasure to bring him back for visits.

More to come!



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