Thailand: Days 4 & 5

On Sunday morning, we attended church with Well of the Gospel, at the ministry building of Samaritan Creations. The Killars were wonderful hosts, and we would highly recommend checking out their ministry. We are hopeful that we will be able to see them again before our time in Thailand is up!




After church (which included lunch and a new year tradition), the Killars graciously showed us how to do Songkran properly, and took us into the heart of the waterfight. It. Was. Madness. It was also awesomeness. My absolute number one most despised thing in the world is having anyone touch my face, but part of Songkran involves rubbing this talcum powder paste on other people’s faces, and by the end of the experience I was basically immune. Thanks, Thailand, for a hundred strangers touching my face and rubbing crap on it.



After celebrating Songkran we went back to the hotel, thoroughly scrubbed off the powder, washed away the questionable street-water and rested. In the evening, we enjoyed the opulence that is Thai movie going. The theater was huge and clean and over the top nice– still half the cost of American theaters.


Today, we woke up and headed over to the nearby Chao Phraya river. There are boats upon boats that carry passengers from port to port. Impressive wats and complexes, as well as shockingly dilapidated homes line the riverbank. We walked between the Wat Arun, the world’s largest reclining Buddha and the Grand Palace. It was SO hot that we had a difficult time doing more than snapping a few photos and wishing for death, so we made our way back to the hotel for showers after a few short hours.


Once refreshed, we went to an interesting destination called Escape Hunt. In a nutshell, you are closed in a room that is filled with clues and puzzles, and you have one hour to solve the mystery and escape the room. We really wish there was something like this back home because we want so badly to share this fun with you!! Yes, we escaped, but with only 45 seconds to spare!


We also ventured out to several stores in search of groceries, before stopping by a bookstore to pick up a few thai/English books for James, eat dinner and head back to the hotel. Songkran continues at full tilt, so we are sticking to the Skytrain route that is much like a neutral-safe zone. 🙂

Hope all is going well at home, and look forward to having JAMES news to share soon!


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