Baby steps & counting down the days until we are home.

Today, our son got to ride on the Skytrain to get from point A to point B. Vo told us the other day that it had been a dream of his to do so, and he was SO thrilled that he hollered and squealed as he got on and off and was pleased as punch in between. His eye contact has been sustained today, he has been seeking affirmation as he tries new things or performs tasks, he is allowing more physical affection, and he is picking up English words at an impressive rate (counting 1-6, red, yellow, orange, green, blue, pink, thank you, punch, kick, okay, etc.). We are feeling REALLY thankful right now.

He also hurt himself for the first time with us. We’ve been waiting for this to finally happen because homeboy is bonkers when he gets going. He has had a few bumps, but today he fell off the bed and smacked into a chair on the way down (playing with balloons is a full contact sport), and we knew it was go time. He was obviously hurting but could only oscillate between a pained, blank face and maniacal laughter. Immediately, we helped him back on the bed, and held him as he figured out that it was sad he was hurt, that we weren’t laughing at him, and that our faces were properly somber. He melted into the bed and showed us where it hurt after some prompting. We kissed his arm, and though he was mostly confused by the gushing attention, he calmed down and accepted the babying. Small win.

On a happy note, he went in the pool today, and though it took some coaxing (has he ever been in a pool before??) by the end he was splashing like a mad man and holding his breath under water. Another win.

After we read ALL of the books in the room out loud, he went to bed wearing his Spider-Man costume (still sleeping in the mask– we should probably take that off, right?) and was all puffed up and proud that HE was Spider-Man. Thank you for praying for his heart and his hurt. Praising God for a day filled with love.

Resurrection Day is tomorrow, and we are truly grateful for Christ’s death and resurrection for the forgiveness of our sins. We do nothing to deserve it, but He freely gives it, and thank goodness, because I’m a hot mess.


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