Clarification of Boundaries: Sorry I Scared Everyone!

Hi all! It has become clear that my older post about ground rules was overwhelming and left some folks unsure whether they should approach us or not. I’m sorry for that. All of those boundary lists were things I had been mulling over for 3 years and watching other folks live out, so they didn’t seem daunting and foreign to me, but that was probably not the best way to go about it.

So, here is the short list and there is always grace. James is adjusting well, so hopefully we can say never mind to these in several months! But for now (just 3 things!):

-please don’t feed him directly.
-please don’t give him gifts without checking with us.
-please don’t parent in our place. Tattle on him right away and talk to us đŸ˜‰

There you go. That’s much better, yes? I’m sorry to have created a shadow of worry over the whole thing, but thank you to those who mentioned and helped me see it from a different angle.

In other news, there is the slight possibility V is available for hosting over a month in the Summer. We need real discernment about whether to do that if it is an option.


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