Countdown to School: 7 days!

In 7 days, James starts 1st grade. He is excited, but I think I might have a stroke. To have spent such a long time waiting to have him home, safe, in a predictable, nurturing environment, only to then have to send him into the unknown under the care of who knows who, around who knows who, for the better part of his weekdays… I might be freaking out a little. This is largely because I remember my public school days and how questionable many of my teachers and influences were, but also because we are in a poorly performing district and our transfer attempts have not panned out. It isn’t the end of the world, but in the moment, it feels that way. Once Jude is home and we aren’t worrying about adoption costs, I look forward to not relying on public education. You’re all allowed to laugh at us when we find out there is a 3rd child in our near future.

Our second post-placement meeting was yesterday morning and went well. One more meeting in October before we can finalize the adoption and make things totally official. So close!

In Ukraine news, it turns out that one of the notarized documents in our dossier (which is in Ukraine now) was incorrect, so Jason will be resigning, re-notarizing, and returning to have a new apostille seal placed on the document. Thank goodness it is only one document, and thank goodness we still seem to be in good shape for meeting our Jason-travels-in-October goal. No new information about our boy, but we are trusting in the One that put him in our life.

Speaking of children that, according to many people, may as well have just been forcibly removed from their mother’s womb (How’s that for a seque?). I’m sick of hearing about it. Here is a great article exploring why you don’t have the right to murder a child REGARDLESS of where the child is in relation to your body or how large or small or dependent upon you they may be.


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