The Lord is in the Details :: Merry Christmas!

May I take a moment to reflect publicly on how amazing God’s timing is?

When we decided to grow our family through adoption, we had no idea what the outcome would look like. Jumping in to the application process we didn’t even know if we would be accepted, thought we would be ready for a child around 3 years old (HA!), and thought we might become parents quickly. We really had no idea. Before that date we would not have been prepared for what lie ahead (not that we necessarily are now, but I think you know what I mean), and after that date we would have missed the time-constraint-boat on both of our sons. I don’t know how to organize this post so that the absolutely incredible timing and circumstances are done justice.

Let’s start here. When we heard about the hosting opportunity for J.V. last December, we were able to accept for three reasons: 1) The hosting was paid for. We only needed to open our home, 2) A (now)friend from church happened to be in the hosting know-how and heard about his availability, and 3) Our home study was complete for a child his age and recently renewed because we were still waiting for a travel date to pick up J.

When J.V. left, we submitted an inquiry to find out if he was registered for adoption in Ukraine, all the while thinking we were doing this for the purpose of finding a family for him. When the information arrived that he was available, there were several things that needed to be true in order for us to become that family: 1) He would need to be available AFTER we had brought home J and AFTER our post-placement visits were complete, 2) Our placing agency would have to have no rule against adopting in such quick succession, 3) Our home study agency would have to have no rule against having two adoptions processing at the same time, 4) Our social worker would need to approve a second child arriving in the home so quickly, and 5) Both adoptions would need to be carried out in a way that would not break the rules of either of the boys’ home countries. Apparently, most placing and home study agencies have policies that restrict adopting like this. Also, the odds of coordinating the dossier and home study timings to work out perfectly with the expiration dates and travel dates and post placement visits and adjusting as a family are just crazy unlikely. Keep in mind, we started the process for J in 2011 and that makes it all the more crazy that the things I am talking about all played out during the final year. Additionally, if we were not part of such a prayerful, helpful, knowledgeable local Church body, adopting two older children in this fashion would have probably been impossible.

But, the rough timeline estimates worked out for both boys, and our agencies didn’t have prohibiting policies, so we proceeded, and both sets of paperwork were completed well without interfering with each other. We were able to bring J home, complete and mail off a dossier, complete post-placement reports (even one that took place in between Jason’s trips out of country for J.V.) and by the grace of God and your generosity, somehow paid for/survived the whole thing. We found out that the finalization paperwork for J arrived the week before J.V. officially became a Camorlinga exactly one year after we met him. Even more, J is THRILLED to have a brother, and has been a champion with the best of us for bringing J.V. home. This year has felt like a puzzle with all of the pieces falling exactly into place in ways we didn’t foresee (and often with unfavorable odds); it is very clear to us that we were not assembling this puzzle.

There were moments where both adoptions seemed as if they would fail. Remember the time we were initially rejected for J? Remember the time it seemed J.V. was being kept from our home? The story that is being told is one of incredible redemption and we are SO blessed to be witnesses to it. God has been good to us. The “happy coincidences” are far too perfect to be only that. There are beautiful details (J’s best friend was adopted this year as well by a family in the US and he also has a brother with J.V.’s first name! What?!), answers to prayers, and through the stress and the paperwork and the ungratefulness that I am prone to, I can see God’s hand lovingly fitting each puzzle piece snuggly together. It isn’t easy, but it is beautiful.

This is the point I really want to make:  Isn’t it amazing that the God of all creation condescended Himself to become a human child, to enter into human history at an exact point that would enable word of His life to spread throughout the earth, to live a sinless life and die on the cross so that all who believe in Him will be forgiven and have eternal life? This triune God is a God of details and love and redemption and JOY and may we remember that on Christmas day. May we turn our eyes outward and upward and rediscover the amazing amount of detail and preparation and glorious execution of His almighty plans. Lord, remind us through our own stories to hold in high esteem the INCREDIBLE story that You have written, beginning in the garden and echoing throughout eternity before Your throne.

Merry (( ISN’T IT INCREDIBLE?! )) Christmas.


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