Choosing Public School(s) and Humble Pie, Plus FACE LAMP



After 2 weeks of back and forth between Kaiser and EWCSD, much wailing and gnashing of teeth, paperwork shuffling and finally caving in to stick our child with YET ANOTHER unnecessary needle, Jude has been deemed TB free (on 4 separate occasions, by the way) and allowed to enter the illustrious public school system. All that could be said about that process aside, I am at peace with the choice to have them both in the public classroom setting.

Before they came home, I was not at peace with this choice. It seemed like doing so would be weakness somehow, or that it was unfair to bring children out of institutional settings and then place them in an institutional setting for 6 hours a day. But then, we met our children, found out that they enjoy learning in a classroom, and discovered that they need to relearn how to interact in social settings with their peers. Runner up reason for coming to peace with this is that everyone in this house gets along better with a break from each other and school is that break right now. I would love for homeschooling to be an option for us in the future. Perhaps it will be. In the mean time, humble pie for thinking I was mentally prepared for homeschooling, or that I could have possibly known in advance what would best suit our family make-up, or that any one option is “the right option” for everyone.

In unrelated news. Most of you are too kind to ask why there is a bruised, scraped, lump on my forehead. For this reason (and so that perhaps you can have a laugh at my expense today), I shall share.

The boys were hiding under one of Jason’s ten-trillion pillows yesterday morning (if you can’t see their eyes, they have achieved invisibility),  when I decided to pick up said pillow and give them a sound down beating. They giggled as I raised the pillow above my head, until suddenly, we heard a clang and a thump…

Home-Alone-GIF-014as the track lighting above our bed detached from the ceiling and swung down by the electrical wiring. The arc of travel was such that the farthermost lampshade connected splendidly with my forehead and sent me reeling into the dresser. The good news is that the plastic ring around the edge of the razor-metal lampshade cushioned the blow by smashing into several pieces against my face. The bad news is that the plastic ring around the edge of the razor-metal lampshade cushioned the blow by smashing into several pieces against my face.

The boys, surrounded by a snowlike drift of popcorn ceiling, were first shocked into silence and then rejoiced at the Home Alone scene I had just reenacted for them. I, too, first stared blankly at the dangling track lighting (read: bloodthirsty murder weapon) and then laughed, because head trauma.

Have a lovely day, friends!




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