Happy (Birth and Otherwise) Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers with birth children,

to the mothers with adopted children, and

to the birthmothers who chose life for their children.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers that love their families well and teach their children to love well.

Happy Mother’s Day to the mothers and all other women who honor Christ with their faithful lives.

This is a bittersweet Mother’s Day in the Camorlinga house. It is the first such day without my mom (in fact, the last time I spoke to her was on Mother’s Day last year), and it is the first day as a living-it-out mama to our child.

Thankful for the beautiful examples of motherhood that we know, thankful for a mother that raised me well, thankful for a mother (in law) that loves me like I’m her own, and thankful for James’ birthmother, who protected him in her womb and made him cute, and who I look forward to one day thanking in person.