Hosting, Ukraine and Still Waiting for James

We have some interesting and exciting news to share with you today! Let’s try out a “past”, “present”, “future” list to make sure we hit everything…


  • November was Adoption Month, and our church reserved a Sunday to discuss our call as the Church to defend the fatherless. Many other churches participated in similar events last month and we are really excited to see how folks decide to take part in caring for orphans.

    Defending the Fatherless
    Defending the Fatherless
  • Renewed home study was completed for James! We are SO ready for him to come HOOOOOOME.


  • We are submitting the paperwork for immigration permission for James this week. It will be a relief to have this finished.
  • The family from church that was collecting shoes to help fund their adoption of a special needs baby from Ukraine (you may have seen me post about that on FB) is in Ukraine RIGHT NOW picking up their little girl! They have to stay over there for up to 6 weeks, so we are all praying for a safe trip and a fast return.
  • Speaking of Ukraine…..


  • We submitted paperwork last night to host an orphaned child from mid December through mid January! One of the dear women from our church and adoption group (whose family hosted a sweet girl over the summer) sent out an email about how there was a 6 year old boy from Ukraine in need of a last minute host family.

    Our faces when God drops things in our lap
    Our faces when God drops things in our lap

To briefly explain what “host” means: In this program, children in orphanages are sent to stay with families for a limited time, during which they are loved, learn some English, are shown the culture of America, and given encouragement and hope for their future. Some children are available for adoption, while others are not (kind of like our foster care system situation), and some families who host or simply meet the children while they are out choose to pursue adoption. Once the child returns home, they are still able to have communication with the host family, who then, ideally, become a source of support in their life.  This particular boy appears to be eligible for adoption in the near future.

So, after some debate and some uncertainty about the timing of James coming home, we called the woman coordinating this little boy’s hosting and made the commitment with no small amount of excitement. Our house is ready for a 6 year old boy and we are so glad that we are being given this opportunity before James arrives. God’s timing is always so perfect, so I’m not sure why I’m surprised that this arrangement suddenly came together after recently bemoaning the fact that during the long wait for James we could have been fostering, during a break from work for the holidays when we actually didn’t have a vacation planned, and at a time when the waiting-waiting-waiting was getting really difficult.

Lord, you are my God;
I will exalt you and praise your name,
for in perfect faithfulness
you have done wonderful things,
things planned long ago.

-Isaiah 25:1

I’ve been thanking God for this encouragement and praising Him for the good gifts that He gives undeserving people like us. I hope that you will get to meet this little guy while he is staying with us!