Update of updates

Hi friends!

We have heard news from WACAP that our dossier has indeed been sent to the Thai government! That means, those of you who have helped us so far with references and notarized copies and costs and prayer deserve a huge thank you from us:


We hadn’t heard anything for a month or two from the woman handling our file, so we were extremely excited to hear that the paperwork was correctly submitted and that we  are now just waiting for, a) a response from Thailand saying they received the file, b) a notification that we are officially on their wait list and c) the match of our boy! Our caseworker has assured us that their shouldn’t be any issue with acceptance, but we are still praying that it is swift.

Since we declined to select a child from the waiting children list (a decision that was difficult to make), once we are accepted by Thailand, they will give us a child referral. That means, a child of their choosing that is probably within our specified age range (3-5) and sex (male), will be sent to us through WACAP and we will decide whether to accept the referral or wait for another. Jason and I, after speaking with other couples from our church who have adopted or are in a similar stage of the waiting process, decided that we will accept the first referral that is given. We are praying and trusting that that child, whoever they may be, will be the one that God has had in mind for us from the beginning.  That is such a beautiful thought and I always  have to wipe my eyes after I really think about it.

Additionally, our application has been sent to US immigration (the paper that will say, yes, you may bring a child back here) and we recently learned we have been approved for a small loan from Lifesong. The loan from Lifesong is helpful and we are very grateful to our church for helping us to obtain that, BUT we also received a generous offer from my parents shortly thereafter. They have offered to  play our interest free bank throughout the rest of the process.  This is such a HUGE blessing, because now we know we won’t be juggling interest payments or credit cards or any of that with each hefty payment. Any fundraising we manage to do will be paying back Lifesong (an organization that will fund many other adoptions) or my folks (who aren’t a big, scary interest charging bank).

SO, that is our update. Thanks again to all of you who ask us how it is going and remember us in your prayers. You’re all greatly appreciated and much loved.

Piggy bank from our brother and sister for the little guy

Ransom Money – A Look at a Church Adoption Fund

One of the ways that J and I are interested in funding the adoption process is by obtaining an interest-free loan or grant from Lifesong for Orphans. We haven’t yet heard whether we have been accepted or not, but we are praying that is the case.

In the meantime, our church takes part in an adoption fund with Lifesong, and so, it is always interesting to read stories about the impact that such church funds can have on the lives of adoptive families. To give you an idea of what that can look like, the following article gives details about the His Kids-Our Homes adoption fund.

“The blessings go way beyond any financial support because the family is just knowing that the church cares.”

Dave Blaske, His Kids-Our Homes Adoption Fund Director