Ukrainian Host Child Incoming – 6 days?!

I wanted to share what we have learned about the Ukrainian boy, named V, who will be joining us for the holidays… IN 6 DAYS.

This is the bio we received:

  • “V – he is 6. Very calm and quiet. Was really shy and scared of camera. He likes cats more then dogs. Little dogs he said are ok, large are not. His favorite food are meat, cot lets, sausages, hotdog sausages. Likes snow a lot. Doesn’t like heat. Likes to play with cars. No sibs.”

How cool does he sound? “Doesn’t like heat?” Picked the right time of year, bud. “Scared of the camera?” Not for long! “Likes cats?” Got ya’ covered.

Just in case you’re interested to see how we will be structuring our days during the visit, I’ll share our tentative “schedule.” One thing we hear again and again about children coming from orphanages and hard places is that structure and predictability are necessities. To be fair, I’m sure even the most privileged among us can admit that when our routine gets thrown out of whack we have a difficult time being sanctified (read: we become major whiny douchebags), so how much more important must it be for a child who is accustomed to a strict routine back home, who is surrounded by people who are speaking a weird language, whom he doesn’t know from Adam?

This plan may or may not change depending on his temperament (Disneyland is a BIG undecided), but we are grateful to the Wright family for sharing their schedule with us (They hosted a little girl this past summer) and giving us some extremely helpful wisdom:

Vitalii Vitalii2

So, as you can see, there is quite a bit planned on the calendar, but there are also a lot of free days that we can spend playing around the house and keeping things low key. We are incredibly grateful to those of you who have been willing to let us borrow things to make his stay comfortable, encouraging us with prayer, and being available to us for help with translation. Who knew so many of you speak Ukrainian or Russian or know someone who does? That is really cool! If you are free on one of our “free” days, and would like to stop by, please just let me know and we can figure something out… Unless of course it turns out he REALLY doesn’t like new people, in which case, Jason and I might be entering hibernation for the next month. 🙂

So, a big thank you for your support. We love you guys. If you’d like specific things to pray about, here is a (brief-ish) list:

  • That the 3 full days of travel that V and the other children will undergo on their way to America will be peaceful and that they would be able to find time to sleep.
  • That the children visiting who are available for adoption (or will soon be available) would find their forever family while they are here.
  • That the parents hosting children would be able to share the love of Christ with these kids, so that they know (maybe for the first time) that they are worthwhile, loved and incredibly important, and that there are people in the world on their side.
  • That Jason and I would manage to adjust to this little person well, and that we would be able to simultaneously love him and look forward with patience to the arrival of James.
  • **Added 12/14 – Hey! Remember that time Danielle pushed a cart around Walmart and Target back-to-back during the holiday season, and then in the car on the way home couldn’t resist the bag of chips she just bought and thought that a squirt of old hand sanitizer would do the trick? No? Well, it happened and now she is sick. Please pray for health in the house… soon?

Are we needy or what? 🙂 The next time we post will probably contain photos of V’s arrival (we have signs to decorate!), so stay tuned for awesomeness.